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We have been working with architects, builders and developers for more than a decade to design superior quality concrete surfaces that meet the highest performance standards, and that will last for years.

We work closely with you right from the initial design stage, using our expertise based on proven experience, to ensure that the most appropriate products and finishes are specified to achieve the desired performance and cost outcomes.

Our specialist surface services are listed below.


Block Honing

On-site Honing Technique

Our on-site honing technique uses a dry, dustless honing process which produces a higher quality finish, in a faster and cleaner worktime, as compared to a factory hone.

Unique Finish

We offer a unique, high-polished block finish for internal feature walls or block/brick veneers.

Specialist Team

Our specialist team can provide professional advice and recommendations to create the desired end-finish for your honed architectural masonry, for example which mortar joint styles to use.

Licensed Applicatorstps-appr-sto

We are licenced applicators for several exclusive products including the Sto range.


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Unique Finish
Specialist Team 1
STO Application

Flooring Applications

Featured in some of New Zealand’s most prominent buildings, polished concrete and stone are attractive and durable flooring finishes.

Our highly skilled technicians, experienced in the latest equipment and processes, will work with you to achieve your desired outcomes and exceed your expectations.

We use diamond abrasives to give concrete a naturally high-gloss, non-porous finish, similar to polished marble or granite.

Our proven sealing systems provide superior stain protection, easy cleaning and low maintenance.

For an extra special finish we offer the Bristone® preservation system with a unique silicate base which allows concrete to breathe naturally, creating a warmer look and feel. This system extends floor life, won’t yellow under sunlight and is environmentally friendly.


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We are New Zealand’s leading service provider in stone restoration and preservation.

We use machinery designed specifically for honing and polishing stone, and sealing systems that will preserve and maintain stone indefinitely.

Our processes are suited to new and old stone applications that require protection and preservation, whether in a commercial, retail or domestic environment.


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We have a coating solution to fit your needs, including clear block sealing, pre-cast coatings, anti-graffiti coating or protective surfaces for historic sites.

We can help you choose the right sealant and coating to maximise water-tightness, weather proofing and protection, providing you assurance and confidence and safeguarding your investment.

For over ten years, we have been an approved Sto applicator, with staff specially trained to ensure all clear seal weather proofing is carried out to precise specifications needed to meet the manufacturer’s warranties.

For blocks that require clear weather-proof sealing, we use the certified Sto S-Protect coating system which meets New tps-appr-stoZealand’s strict weather-proofing standards.

We can also help preserve, enhance and protect non-critical weather proofing on block work (eg garden landscape walls or block veneers) against efflorescence and micro-organism growth, by applying other Sto sealing systems.


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We specialise in catering for the varying requirements of large projects, where protection and enhancement of pre-cast concrete or in-situ concrete finishes is needed.

We offer a choice of invisible coatings and visible colour enhancing coatings for exposed aggregate concrete tilt slabs, Monarc® type panels, in-situ poured concrete walls, plain pre-cast fair face panels or historic rendered facades.

For large projects requiring protection and enhancement of pre-cast concrete or in-situ concrete finishes, we use specialist Sto coating systems, because of their excellent breathability and UV resistance features. Also being non-solvent based, they are more environmentally friendly.


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As featured on the TV series “Grand Designs”, we offer the Sto Lotusan® painting system, wittps-appr-stoh its unique outstanding resistance to dirt and its self-cleaning properties.

A revolutionary new technology designed to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs, by minimising the contact area for water and dirt due to its extremely water-repellent surface.

Excellent weather and chalk resistance, high water vapour permeability, UV-stable and resistant to mould, mildew, and algae.

Available in any colour, including custom matched colours, with a smooth matte (flat) finish.

Ideal for new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fibre cement board substrates.

Suitable for high-rise commercial facades through to residential properties.


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Removing graffiti from buildings is a time consuming and costly exercise, frustrated by the fact that it often needs to be repeated when new graffiti appears.tps-appr-sto

We offer a range of cost-effective anti-graffiti sealing systems to meet your needs. Our two most popular systems are Sto Repel and Sto-SP:

Sto Repel, a topical permanent clear low sheen coating which can be used on most substrates and over painted surfaces. Its high mechanical abrasion resistance means it won’t break down easily from repeated graffiti attacks. A Sto-Repel graffiti spray cleaner is also supplied.

Sto-SP is a near invisible coating, providing an effective protection to mineral-based substrate surfaces (eg concrete, stone, brick or block) with minimal change to its appearance. Its uniqueness is that it reduces graffiti paint penetration by preventing the paint from adhering to it, making cleaning easier (the cleaning fluid is supplied) and reducing the frequency of recoats required. The Sto-SP will normally be effective for at least three graffiti attacks before reapplication is needed.

We can also provide graffiti clean-up services.


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