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About Us

The solution for all of your concrete surface needs. We provide specialised block honing, coatings and flooring solutions designed to last. Our work is proudly on display in some of Auckland CBD’s premier buildings. We are licensed to provide several exclusive products including the STO range. Talk to us at the design stage so we can provide expert input into providing you a high quality service which will last for decades.


Surface Solutions

Our range of services have been developed over more than a decade of close work with architects, builders and developers looking to create high class surfaces that meet rigorous performance requirements. Many of our clients involve us in the design phase to ensure the right products and finishes are specified early to achieve the look and performance they have in mind.


Justin Kidd

Justin joined the TPS Group in 2005 and has been actively involved in exploring new technologies and service methods to deliver industry leading results. Justin has developed strong network relationships with builders, architects and commercial property managers, and is often involved at design stage to help deliver iconic surface finishes for each project.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys being on or in the water with his family.


Our Commitment

We have an active environmental policy in place, we strive to ensure our products and systems do not impact the environment in anyway. We are proud to use products and systems that do not contain VOC’s. We are always looking through innovation to replace common systems on the market place with systems that are environmentally friendly.

Health & Safety

Alongside our commitment to our people is our commitment to Health and Safety. We have established good practice across all areas of Health and Safety requirements, and train our people in safe practice, and seek responsive reports from all of our sites in order to continue developing the safest environment for our team.


TPS Surface Solutions is a Division of Total Property Services

Total Property Services leads the market in providing services to businesses across New Zealand. Owned and operated in New Zealand, TPS is known for delivering a range of innovative services on budget and on time. Our service team are marked by their friendliness, professionalism and long term loyalty. See below our range of services, and we look forward to sharing with you the TPS difference.

The TPS Services

Our service range has developed from the needs of our clients to work with us as their single point of contact in delivering their building service requirements. See below some of our service offerings.

  • All Maintenance Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance
  • Washroom and Hygiene Supplies
  • Chemical Washing
  • Water Blasting and Steam Cleaning
  • Concrete Finishes and Honing
  • Height Access Solutions
  • Pest Control
  • Garden and Lawn Maintenance
  • Proud members of BSC